Giorgio Bassani’s “Tomb of Words” and the People Who Took It Personally

Looking for the Garden of the Finzi-Continis
The New Yorker, September 16, 2015

Monarchy in the 21st Century?

Liechtenstein's billionaire royal family is threatening to abandon its tiny principality over a referendum to curtail its power
Foreign Policy, June 29, 2012

When ‘No’ Means ‘Maybe’

Max Hollein is bringing a distinctly American approach to German art museums
ARTnews, January 2012

Art of News

Amos Schocken, publisher of Israel's most influential newspaper, Haaretz, has remained true to his grandfather's liberal ethos and unafraid to report thoroughly on Palestinian issues
Monocle, February 2008

A Child Prodigy Who Grew Up Into a Wise Interpreter of Music

Pianist Angela Hewitt
The Wall Street Journal, May 4, 2006

A Rebel with a Cause: Francesca von Habsburg

Having grown up with a world class trove of Old Masters, she carves out her own niche as a major collector of edgy contemporary art
ARTnews, Summer 2005

The Sheikh Who Stopped Shopping

Sheikh Saud al-Thani's ouster sent shock waves through the art market and raised questions about his multi-million dollar projects
ARTnews, May 2005

At Ground Zero, a Fresh Take

Michael Arad's life lessons shaped his winning design for the World Trade Center memorial, one that could inspire the nation to heal.
The Los Angeles Times, March 7, 2004

What Works, What Doesn’t

Master-planning Ground Zero makes the pragmatic Alexander Garvin a local lightning rod
Architecture, September 2002

The Burden of History

What's it like to be Albert Speer's son and namesake—practicing architecture in Germany?
Architecture, June 2000

Totem and Taboo

The new Berlin struggles to build a Holocaust memorial
Lingua Franca, December/January 1999

Meeting the widow of Hitler’s state sculptor Arno Breker

The Spectator, January 20, 1996

Spandau Spandex

Meet Austria's
The New Republic, December 25, 1995

George Segal’s Silhouetted World

A sculptor
Forward, May 7, 1993

Scraping the Sky: The Eternal Architect

Even at 86, Philip Johnson has no small plans
The Washington Post, December 3, 1992

Duking It Out in Austria

Jörg Haider, would-be chancellor, is young, handsome and a little bit scary
The Washington Post, December 27, 1991

Albee and Nothingness

The "angry older playwright" on life, death and his latest European premiere
The Washington Post, June 23, 1991

The Artist as Eco-Architectural Iconoclast

Friedensreich Hundertwasser's "compost-modern" crusade
The Washington Post, November 18, 1990

The Haus Hollein Built

Vienna's version of Trump Tower
The Washington Post, September 30, 1990

The Final Curtain of The Austrian Playwright

Thomas Bernhard's last will & banishment
The Washington Post, May 22, 1990